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Cushion Cover - BWA - Kurun Warun KWA754

Artist: Kuran Warun
Handmade chainstitch cushion cover, designed by Aboriginal artists, cotton backing, wool crewel work, zip closure. 410x410mm (16x16”) Sold unfilled.

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This traditional Kashmiri handicraft vitally suppliments an often fluctuating rural income. Wool is custom dyed to match the original artist's image and hand stitched onto a cotton base. Each cushion is backed with natural coloured cotton canvas, and closes with a zip. Please note cushion fillers are not included. Royalties are paid to the artists for sales of this product.

Story: 'Desert Rain - Summer Storm' by Kurun Warun. This painting is about the desert rain - it shows two thunderstorms coming in at the top right hand corner. Kurun has painted the rain coming through the rocks in the oppisite corner. The line down the centre is lightning coming through. In the middle is the camp. At the bottom of the painting there are two waterholes getting filled by the rain.

Size:                      400x400mm
Material:             Cotton Backing, wool crewel work

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