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Aboriginal Australians Fifth Edition

The highly regarded history of Australia's First Nations people since colonisation, fully updated for this fifth edition.

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'The vast sweeping story of Aboriginal Australia from 1788 is told in Richard Broome's typical lucid and imaginative style. This is an important work of great scholarship, passion and imagination.' - Professor Lynette Russell, Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies, Monash University In the creation of any new society, there are winners and losers. So it was with Australia as it grew from a colonial outpost to an affluent society. Richard Broome tells the history of Australia from the standpoint of the original Australians: those who lost most in the early colonial struggle for power.

Author: Richard Broome

ISBN: 9781760528218

Type: Paperback

Dimensions: 153mm x 234mm

Publisher: Allen and Unwin

Publication date: 2019

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